• Nate: someone forked bleep filter and made a fix for a newer version of php
  • Nate: which i then merged and committed
  • Me: oh baby
  • Me: your first fork
  • Nate: haha
  • Me: my little guy is growing up
  • Nate: looollllll

daxnorman: roxy walks
Monument Valley

i do these when i dont know what to do

‘Rave Is King’ by Fukkk Offfalcohol/drugs/overdrive/noise/neon lights/party people/revolution

maybe we should just go home today, before the building blows up

(via Stressful Modern Life Is Giving Us All Hunger Rage | VICE United States)
As a designer or artist, why would I want our need to write software?

>┬áThe solution for men is simple: don’t objectify women

> Treat all women as androgynous drones


at Japantown